A Beginner’s Guide To Electronic Cigarettes

A lot of people have heard about electronic cigarettes, however they do not know very much about them. If you are considering using electronic cigarettes then you should consider these different facts. These facts will help you determine if these devices are right for you and enlighten you to what they really are.

1. You are not actually smoking

When you use an electronic cigarette you are not actually smoking. The act of using these devices is often known as ‘vaping’ because you are going to be inhaling nicotine vapor and not smoke. When you puff on the electronic cigarette the battery will heat up the atomizer in the device. This will create the vapor from the liquid nicotine in the cartridge. The vapor will then be released and this is what you inhale.

2. There are safety issues

There are a number of health experts and regulatory bodies that are concerned about the safety of electronic cigarettes. The makers of these devices are not required by law to tell consumers about the health risks that come with the device, and there also no quality control in the manufacturing of these devices.

3. The nicotine level

The nicotine levels can vary depending on the cartridge you are using; however, it has been found that these devices can have more nicotine in them then the regular cigarette. The amount of nicotine being used is decided by the consumer and is based on the type of cartridge to be purchased.

4. Keep away from children

There is a variety of flavors available to purchase and this has caused some people to believe that these devices are aimed at younger consumers. This is not the case and electronic cigarette makers have stated that these are not for children.

5. The cost

The use of an electronic cigarette can actually be quite costly depending on the device and brand. The start kits can range in price from $50 to $150 and the price of the cartridges also vary.

6. The maintenance

The batteries of these devices must be charged regularly and they will need to be replaced after a period of time. You also have to consider the maintenance of the cartridges and the overall device.

7. Use in public places

The regulations on where you can use the device will vary depending on the area you are in. There are certain countries that state the use of electronic cigarettes is illegal while others that consider it legal. The use in public places is also varied as some areas allow use in all public places while others restrict the use to certain spaces.